Join Broken River Ski Club

Anyone can ski or board at Broken River Ski Area but there are many great benefits of becoming a member of Broken River Ski Club, which owns and maintains the ski area facilities.

We are a group of enthusiastic people, from a diverse range of backgrounds, who share a passion for fun in the snow, being in the mountains and spending time with each other. This common bond overrides everything else. We are a multi-generational Club where people of all ages (under 1 and 80+ years of age) get to mix and play together. We are proud of our heritage, who we are, and what we can offer members.

Joining our Club gives you access to:

Broken River Ski Club has a unique culture and history. We are passionate about our ski club - the place, the people and the snow. We warmly invite you to become part of this great club.

When you join we hope you will become part of the "family" and become involved in the running and maintenance of the Club, but this is entirely your choice.


Membership Rates and Information

How to Join:

Fill out the Broken River Membership Application form and pay the applicable fees, it’s as easy as that.

Rates for 2017

Joining Fees: (Adults Only) $100

Plus annual membership fee $150

Total $250

Annual Fees

For first year fee refer above, following years:

Adult: $150 ($25 extra applies from 1 April onwards)

Children and Youths (under 18): $35

Family Membership: First adult; $75.00, second adult; the normal rate, first and second child; the child/youth rate ($35), third and subsequent children; no fee.

Associates - $35

Become an Associate Member and receive the regular club newsletter. No joining fee is payable until transferring to normal senior membership. No other Membership rights apply to Associates.

Veterans - $50

25 years of continuous adult membership entitles you to a reduced annual subscription.


Lockers are available in Broken River Lodge or White Star Chalet at $20 per year for you to keep personal items in. These are great if you are skiing regularly at Broken River. Supply your own padlock. 

Work Party Days

Further discounts are available on lift fees with season passes, daily rates, accommodation and ski packages for those members who choose to complete work days during the summer. Work days earn credits which can be traded for accommodation and/or lift passes and towards discounted Season Pass rates.

Everyone can participate – whether you’re a skilled trades person or a DIY handy-person or neither. There’s plenty of jobs for all skill levels on the ski area in summer, at the workshop in Rangiora or with a range of jobs year round that can be done in the city or from home. And there’s huge satisfaction to be gained from helping out on projects that assist the Ski Area to operate smoothly. Plus you have a chance to meet new acquaintances and make new friends!

Work party rules for the current year are published prior to the work party season in the Club newsletter. Summer work party information is detailed in the Club newsletter and email updates. Those wishing to attend a work party need to contact the work party coordinator for dates and times. Email

Members Season Passes for 2016

Pre-Season Lift Pass - Free if you complete 6 days of approved work by 1st May 2016. You can also purchase your pre-season lift pass with a mix of work party days and cash.

Season Pass Price - $399 (adult) and $199 (youth 11-17yrs). Available any time before or during the 2016 season.



Broken River fun. Photo Miriam Odlin.