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To book a Ski Week, select a 6-night period starting on a Sunday (check-in date). Ski Week rates include a 7-day Lift Pass and instruction. A separate booking will be required to extend the accommodation period before or after the Ski Week.

All other multiday packages click on the starting date and then enter the number of nights you require under duration.

Have special dietary requirements? You have the opportunity to let us know on your booking form (page 2 of your booking).

Other queries about your booking? Let us know in the Comments section (page 3 of your booking).

Online Booking Links

Book for click one of the following links:

Ski Weeks Catered and Self-Catered Packages (6 nights / 7 days: Sun to following Sat)

Mid Week Catered Packages (2 nights / 3 days)

Single nights (or multiple nights other than above packges)

Looking forward to seeing you on the mountain!

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Our newsletters are sent out via email. Regular reminders are also sent out via email and are posted on our Ski Club Facebook group.