New Zealand's only alpine rail

Park your car and be prepared for something different! Step onto the Tyndall Tramway with all your friends and all your ski and overnight gear. Push the "up" button and enjoy a breath-taking 4-minute ride up through native beech forest to the accommodation lodges and Ticket Office. The ride is quite spectacular. Take in the amazing panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and Castle Hill Basin, as well as close-up views within the forest.

It's quite a fantastic, unique way to start your day on the slopes - and you won't find a service like this anywhere else in New Zealand. The Tramway is fully certified to carry passengers.

Click here if you would like to find out more about the Tyndall Tramway.

Read about the opening of the Tyndall Tramway here.



The Tyndall Tramway. Photo Claire Newell


Amazing views from inside the Tram. Photo Claire Newell