Stats at a Glance

Base Elevation 1425 metres (start of Access Tow)
Highest Point

1820 metres (Nervous Knob - Broken River Basin)

Vertical Rise 395 metres (in-bound terrain)
In-bound Terrain 175 hectares

Beginner - 5%

Intermediate - 50%

Advanced - 45%

Tyndall Tramway Provides access from car park to Ticket Office & accommodation lodges

3 high-capacity tows

2 learner rope tows

Day Lodge Lunch snacks, BBQ and kitchen facilities, massive sundeck
Instruction Ski and snowboard, group and private lessons
Night Skiing Scheduled regularly

3 on-mountain lodges

2 styles of accommodation: Catered and Self-Catered

Group rates available

Grooming Learner areas and lower slopes
Tow Belts For hire. Ski Harnesses for sale.
Glove Protectors Recommended - available for purchase
Ski Rental Not available

Our snowmaking is 100% natural and driven by renewable energy. Mother Nature, bless her heart, regularly tops up our snow pack with fantastic powder so we have no need for artificial snow making facilities.

We operate daily from late June through to early October (and later when conditions permit).