Rope Tows 101

The lifts at Broken River are rope tows and you will need to wear a "tow belt" to ride the rope tows.

Don't worry if you haven't used a rope tow before - our friendly staff will help you get started. When you buy your lift ticket make sure you let the Ticket Office staff know that you need help with the rope tow and a staff member will be waiting at the bottom of the Access Tow to assist you.

Your tow belt is worn around your hips. The tow belt has a tow clip or "nutcracker" attached to it. You flick the clip over the tow rope. The clip clasps around the rope as you hold both sides of the clip. Once you are firmly holding the tow clip you move up the tow. Please don't be shy about asking for help - with the right direction you will be a rope tow expert in no time.

Tow belts can be hired or purchased at Broken River. We also have glove protectors for hire and sale and recommend that you use these to preserve your gloves as standard ski gloves do not stand up well to rope tows. Some people use leather gardening gloves on top of their ski gloves.

Watch our Broken River Arrival Video for some preliminary rope tow instruction.