A slice of paradise

Great off-piste backcountry-style terrain

Broken River has some of the best off-piste, backcountry-style terrain in New Zealand. The sheltered, easterly position collects more than its fair-share of Mother Nature's white stuff. Powder is the name of the game in winter and smooth corn snow throughout our long spring season.

Broken River has something for everyone - great snow, varied terrain and plenty of scope for awesome fun.

For all skiers and snowboarders

Our excellent terrain suits alpine and telemark skiers, and snowboarders. The two main bowls have wide, open, rolling slopes suitable for intermediate and advanced riders and provide natural jumps for the enthusiasts. The adventurous beginner will also have a great time too. The surrounding peaks have many steep chutes and challenging slopes for the adventurous at heart. A short hike up these peaks opens up more terrain and provides great rewards.

Remote backcountry experience of Allan's Basin

Allan's Basin, adjacent to Broken River Basin, provides an unrivalled backcountry experience. Access is via the Ridge Tow, but once there it’s just you, a cheeky kea overhead for company, and a huge basin full of untracked power! This is real backcountry skiing but within the patrolled boundary.

There is also plenty of potential for backcountry touring to basins further afield. A popular 40 minute tour takes you to nearby Craigieburn Valley Ski Area. Please note a section of this tour is outside our patrolled area.

Stunning scenery and great terrain. Photo Steve Eastwood.

Ultimate playground for the adventurous skier

Our varied terrain provides something for everyone. Intermediate and advanced skiers will enjoy the rolling open bowls of Broken River and Allan's Basins. The main ridgeline peaks and surrounding slopes provide endless challenges for the advanced/expert skier. Watch out for our home-grown talent in these places. Make sure you pause at the ridge to take in the amazing scenery westwards. The spectacular view of endless snowy mountain ranges is hard to beat.

Our learners’ area in front of Palmer Day Lodge enables parents to keep a watchful eye on their young skiers. The kids have great fun playing together both on and off their skis, building snow castles, small jumps and sliding down nearby Learners' Knob.

Broken River is a very popular destination for telemark skiers and we have a strong following within the Club. Our annual FreeHeel Fun weekend in early August draws free heelers from far and wide. Find out more about our telemark instruction weeks here.

Ultimate playground for the adventurous. Photo Jim Henderson

If snowboarding is your thing

Snowboarders love the varied off-piste terrain at Broken River and come from far and wide when the smell of powder is in the air! We are lucky enough to be home to some of New Zealand's best snowboarders and they make full use of our great terrain.

Broken River's terrain suits boarders of intermediate and advanced ability. There are plenty of drop-offs, natural lips and powder-filled bowls to keep a smile on your face. We also have a range of rails in our terrain park. Our annual Ridercross is a MUST for everyone and keeps both participants and spectators entertained.

Waahoo - Broken River on a powder day! Photo Richard Goldsbury.

For the families

The gentle terrain in front of Palmer Lodge is an ideal, sunny playground for the children. Join in or watch from the deck while they build snow castles, use the snow scooter or ski with their buddies on the Learners Tow. The gentle slopes of the Learners Tow are a great place to start your kids on skis or snowboard. It’s a social time for the kids making jumps, skiing between ski poles and chasing each other around. When it’s time for a break food and warmth are only 30 metres away. 

The Traverse Tow 100 metres away, provides slightly more challenging, but still gentle slopes and a place to practise using a tow clip (b=nutcraker).  

One great advantage of a rope tow is that you can get off wherever you like! As the kids gain more skills take them half-way up the Main or Rugby Tows, traverse across the steeper sections and turn on the gentler slopes. There are plenty of "adventures" to be had around the mountain. Before you know your kids will be telling you to hurry up!  

The kids build lasting friendships with each other and can’t wait to get back up the mountain to see their friends. Our family weeks are always popular and are very social for the young and old. By the end of the week everyone’s skiing or boarding has improved greatly, thanks to the great daily lessons and mileage on the snow. We’d love to see you on a family week, but make sure you book in early!  

Click here for information on school holiday Family weeks.

Winter playground outside Palmer Lodge. Photo Jim Henderson.