2013 Ski Rogaine Event

Our annual Ski Rogaine on August 10th is a fun event for all skiers who like a challenge.

What is a "Ski Rogaine"?

This fun race is an orienteering event on skis where you visit as many controls on the map provided to gain maximum points in the allotted time. You get a simple map with the controls marked on it and are given a set amount of time before the race starts to work out your best route. You earn points for each control you visit and some controls are worth more points than others.

The aim is to score maximum points by visiting control points within your ski ability and the set time - being late back earns mega penalties.  Each control has a number and a clicker to mark your score card or a clue to prove that you visited the control. Controls can be visited in any order within the allotted time but you lose points very quickly for arriving back late.

Date and time:

Saturday 10th August, 2pm

Choose from two divisions:

Enter as a team or go solo in the:

Open Class - 90 minute race which will involve a bit of hiking.

Family Class - 45 minute race.

Required "Equipment":

Entry Fee: $2 per map (minimum $2 per solo/team entry)

Watch, pen, skis. Compass may be handy but not essential. Bring your reading glasses if you need them!

You will be provided with a map, plastic bag, and score card.

Valid Broken River lift ticket for day of the event. See lift rates here.

The course isn't really suitable for snow-boarders but a few hardy souls have tried it.

Prize giving:

3.45 pm, includes spot prizes

More details:

Check out more details here.

Join us for this fun event!



06/08/2013 10:21am