Coverage Still Good

The main Broken River Basin has good snow coverage with great skiing.  The snow is smooth and firm on most aspects with sugary surface conditions on slopes near the Main Tow.

The lower part of the Access/Rugby Towline has good snow coverage from top to bottom - thanks to some shovelling by the staff. Snow is a bit patchy on the Access Basin area but as you can see in the photo below there is still enough to ski down to the top of the Stairway To Heaven and the ski shed.


Saturday July 21st 2012 - still plenty of snow in Broken River Basin. Photo Claire Newell.

Make sure you book in with Caroline for a ski lesson.  We've got snacks and food on sale at Palmer Lodge, including a boutique beer on tap from the Dux Brewery.

Looking forward to seeing you up here!



24/07/2012 7:01am