Opening Day June 30th

We are scheduled to open on Saturday June 30th and like you we can't wait! We hope you're fitting in some serious pre-season training to ensure the body and mind are in fine shape.

The staff have gathered from around the globe under the direction of Manager Sam Worsp and looking forward to opening next weekend.

Bookings for the early ski weeks are filling up. This year we are again offering an exclusive 7 day - 6 night ski week package. Click here for details of our packages. For information on our accommodation please click here.

This year we're also offering a new door-to-door transport service from Christchurch Airport to Broken River with Smylies Tours. Check out these transport details here.

We look forward to seeing you on the slopes and catching up for a yarn in Palmer Lodge.

Here's to a stunning 2012 winter!

23/06/2012 7:29am