Opening Saturday 29th June

Last weeks storm has given us excellent coverage for the start of the season and we're all geared up to open on Saturday 29th.

Conditions are fantastic, the snow is powdery and we have plenty of it! Our base ranges from 70 cm on the lower mountain to 170 cm on the upper slopes. 

As with some of the other Canterbury ski fields, the storm of June 19-22 has taken its toll up at BR. Blizzard winds forced moisture into the Rugby Tow motor causing major electrical issues. The motor has had to be taken off the mountain for servicing. We had hoped it would be back for this weekend but have just heard it will be sometime next week.

BUT - we have a groomed pathway up to the field so it is an easy 15-to 20 minute walk up to Palmer Lodge on groomed snow. So, for one short walk you'll get to have a fantastic day on the slopes AND be there for the opening weekend of sampling Broken River's own craft beer on tap.

As a "thank you" we're also offering a 40% discount on all accommodation from Saturday 29th until Friday July 5th. Choose the number of nights you'd like to say and quote "EPIC SEASON" when you book online or book in person.


Piles of snow, great conditions! Groomer forming the path to Palmer Lodge. Photo John Newell.


Easy groomed walking path to Palmer Lodge. Photo John Newell.

We do have stunning snow conditions for the start of the season. This weeks fine weather has been a welcome relief after the blizzard conditions of the last epic storm. Our Manager Sam described skiing into "walls of snow" - drifts the "size of buses" - as they skied around the field, battling to keep the tow rope above the rising snow levels.

Thanks to our staff for all their hard work through the storm to try and open last Sunday. Alas electrical issues prevented this from happening. Many thanks also to the team of members who put in a huge effort behind the scenes to take the (very heavy) Rugby Tow motor out of the tow shed and get it off the mountain. Awesome guys!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the mountain.

27/06/2013 10:10am