Ski Rogaine July 29th

Fancy a fun "treasure hunt" on skis - come join us for our annual Ski Rogaine event on Sunday 29th July.

What is a Ski Rogaine?

This fun event combines skiing around the mountain, searching for "treasure", strategy, and keeping to time. Some might like to call it orienteering on skis. You're welcome to take part as a team, a family, or on your own.

You will be given a map with controls to visit and you'll have an hour to visit as many of these as possible. You're given a few minutes before the event starts to plot out the most strategic route. Hint: some controls are worth more points than others.

Make sure you are back at the alloted time as you quickly lose points for every minute that you are late.

This event is open to everyone. You don't need to be a gun skier - you just need to be able to use the rope tows and get around on your skis or board. It will be loads of fun for everyone and there are prizes for the winning team and other categories.

Event Details

You'll find all the details of this great event here.

Looking forward to seeing you on the slopes!


25/07/2012 12:21pm