We have survived!

Phew...it's been a rough few days with bad weather but we have survived and looking to reopen Wednesday 18th July.

It's been a wild ride, with gale-force, nor-west winds and driving rain for the last three days. 110 millimetres of rain later, the weather has finally cleared and we've reemerged into sunshine. What a relief.

Today the staff tentatively made their way up to the main Broken River basin to assess the damage - not knowing quite what to expect. Sighs of relief all around ..... phew! The basin is looking much better than we'd thought it might. Thankgoodness for that! With a bit of shovelling on the Access Tow tomorrow  we are hopeful of opening again Wednesday.

Bring it on!


Broken River Basin, Monday July 16th 2012. Photo Sam Worsp.


16/07/2012 2:13pm