Ski and Fly Camp

Entry- and Intermediate-Level Speedriding Camp

Dates: August 21-25 2017

Beginner flyers: give your skiing to another dimension and learn to fly at BR.

Intermediate flyers: increase your confidence as a flyer.

Your local & international coaches have diverse experience & professional qualifications in speedriding as well as paragliding, skiing, skydiving and many other action sports.

You'll need a moderate level of fitness and skiing ability & be prepared to learn & smile!

Broken River provides a snow secure and diverse training ground for an adventure of a lifetime. Ian's 2016 video will give you a taste of what speedriding at Broken River is all about. You might like to check out the 2014 Beginners Camp video too.

Full details: check them out here!

King Of Speed Boogie Camp Broken River 2013.

King Of Speed Boogie 2013 - you should have been there!

Coach Joe Dyson at Broken River 2013.