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Breakfast at treeline, suck in the fresh mountain air. BBQ lunch on the deck, ski till lifts close. Sauna! Beer or three with delicious three course meal (nice change from 2 minute noodles), chill, hit the sack. Buggered!


Breakfast, then help Patrol with clearing 1 ft of fresh snow. Head up with Patrol for first lift and rip up the freshies. Head over into Allan's Basin with our instructor after lunch for a pow clinic. Celebrate overindulgently.


Awake with pounding headache but feel it disappear after seeing another 2 ft of fresh outside the window. Quick breakfast and straight up main tow for epic turns in the pow. Resolve to not listen to screaming legs - push through pain and get all day freshies. This place is off the chart and the staff are friendly! Head down for a sauna, dinner then retire, out cold.

(BIG) Wednesday

Wake, pinch myslef, then head up mid morning to work on the ever elusive perfect technique. Take third lesson in afternoon to tweak the finer points. Fun 'n' games in lodge tonight. Meeting heaps of seriously cool people!


Big storm coming through... mountain on hold with over 2 ft of fresh. Relaxed day down at Arthur's Pass. Back up for NIGHT SKIING! A truly amazing experience! The crew who stayed at home with be G.U.T.T.E.D!


Wake up to a kea at the window with his eye on my sock! Perfect bluebird - the storm has cleared, but not before filling last night's tracks, giving us fresh tracks all day (we even skied off the back with our avo gear and toured the neighbouring basins). Tu Meke! Catch the rugby in Lyndon Lodge .. almost wish we hadn't...


Last day in paradise :( More touring over the back. Build a sweet kicker and session it for a few hours. Farewell staff and new friends. Back to civilisation .... what a week! Totally coming back next year!

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Package includes 7 lift tickets, 6 nights accommodation and tow belt hire.

Packages run Sunday to the following Saturday throughout the 2013 ski season. This package must be paid in full prior to arrival.

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Is there transport to Broken River?

Yes! Smylies Tours will meet you at the airport or your Christchurch accommodation and make supermarket and ski rental stops if required. You will be driven to Broken River in one of their 4 wheel drive vans.  This takes all the hassles out of your holiday and you can just enjoy the scenary along the way.

Price: $160 return per person - reducible to $150 if you book through our website.

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