Webcam and Snow Report

  • Friday, September 30th 6:05 pm
Broken River Ski Area does not undertake avalanche control or ski patrolling outside the ski area boundary. See revised trail map for ski area boundaries. Sharing rides to save the planet
Date Issued: 9:02AM, Friday 30th September 2016
Status: Open

Weather: Sunny
Weather Comments: Partially cloudy this morning, clouds clearing and becoming fine with some isolated showers late in the day.
Current Temperature: 5.0 degrees
Last Snowfall: September 26th 2016, 20cm
Snow Conditions: Alright you fullas You won't believe this but the snow is amazing. Word is it won't get good until at least 10am when the pancakes are on. This ski situation has nothing to do with hangovers but apparently it would provide assistance to all staff and punters that are on the field. Things get awesome around 2pm, this will be due to sun on the field and the optimal time for coffee to take its effect. Word is that around 2pm we will put Ra Cleave in a ski wing for your entertainment value. Beers will be provided, strap yourselves in for the ride.... CHUR Note: Access tow is sporty, so if you're an inexperienced rope tow rider, let us know so we can make a plan to get you up to the field. Closing up! We've had a blast, but all good things must come to an end....we'll be tying the tows down tomorrow, and any help shutting things down will be most appreciated!
Minimum Depth: 10 cm
Maximum Depth: 130 cm
Road Conditions: Open
Road Comments: All vehicles please carry chains and drive with caution.

Summer accommodation available: If you'd like to stay at Broken River over summer, please email

Inclinator (The Tram): Open
Access Tow: Open
Rugby Tow: Open
Main Tow: Open
Ridge Tow: Open
Baby Tow: Open
Traverse Tow: Open

Lyndon Lodge: Closed
Broken River Lodge: Open
White Star Chalet: Open

Allan's Basin: Open

Snacks & drinks available at Palmer Lodge on field.

Ski Instruction: group & private clinics available - enquire at the ticket office